Utilizing our Marketing Instruments, you’ll be able to work on your website’s reputation from the Control Panel. Through the Sitemap Generator you will get a comprehensive sitemap for your web site within a few minutes. You can submit the sitemap to the search engines so they could index your web site in the shortest time. Additionally, through the RSS News syndication instrument, you can deploy frequently updated information on your web site, which is actually a promise for greater ranking positions with the search engines. The GeoIP redirection application will enable you to route website visitors from a specified place towards a specific language version of your web site for more precise marketing results.

A Sitemap Generator

A sitemap creator included directly into your Control Panel

In case you have just recently brought out your website and want it to get listed a lot faster by the the search engines, or if you need to offer your clients an easy way to navigate through all your web pages, then you’ll need to utilize a sitemap. Sitemap is a a listing of all the web pages on your site that have been hyperlinked to. In most cases, you’ll have to go with 3rd party tools to do the job, however, with eBizm Web Hosting, you have access to a Sitemap Generator incorporated directly into the Control Panel.

The Sitemap Generator our company offers is very simple to use and because it’s truly suitable for our cloud Linux cloud packages platform – your site will be crawled quickly.

Sitemap Generator

GeoIP Redirection

Location–focused redirections with a click of the mouse

eBizm Web Hosting offers you a simple way to reroute your clients based on their whereabouts. From the GeoIP re–direction tool, you could re–route all of the customers who arrive from a specific location to a native language version of your web site. For example, if you have an Italian translation of your site, you can quickly send all the website visitors coming from Italy to that particular web page instead of asking them to change to Italian after they visit the English variant. This will help you provide your clients with a user–friendly on–site experience from the start.

It is not necessary for virtually any particular capabilities or computer experience to work with the GeoIP redirection application. It’s done with a click.

GeoIP Redirect

RSS News

Show the most recent headlines on your web site

In the eBizm Web Hosting Control Panel, we have incorporated an instrument, which enables you to embed news from the most well–known information sites on the planet in your web sites, with just a click. Our News Syndication tool works on auto–pilot and does not call for any extra configuration work from you,

The RSS News Syndication component is simple to customize with regards to HTML and CSS. You can modify the actual number of news pieces that are going to be displayed, the way they will look like, precisely how they will be ordered, and so forth.

RSS News